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Play reading
The 1st part of "The Mahabharata" translated by Lin Hwai-min

Set off to the World of Epics with 34 Characters

The Mahabharata is one of the two main Sanskrit epics of ancient India. The Epic consists of 18 volumes with nearly 100,000 verses in around 1.8 million words, and is considered the longest epic in the world. Its impact has been widely spread over thousands of years, a long-standing treasure trove of cultures.

Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio will be presenting Mahabharata on stage in June 2023. The Studio specially hosted an online play reading to showcase Jean-Claude Carriere’s 1985 script The Mahabharata Part One: The Game of Dice, which was staged by Peter Brook. With 34 characters played by 13 actors, this online play reading introduced the audience to this grand world. You might as well learn the story’s essence from this epic’s original text before discovering how the story will play out, “Whatever has been said here may be found elsewhere, but whatever is not found here does not exist anywhere else!”

Date: 2022/6/30 – 2022/7/3

Playwright: Jean-Claude Carriere
Translation: Lin Hwai-min
Director: Rocky Wong
Actors: Au Kai Faat, David Chan, Henry Chan, Lam Ka Ting, Lau Wai Yiu, Sandy Liu, Amanda Leung, Lo Ka Chun, Sung Boon Ho, David Ng, Tung Chung Can, Masu Wong, Story Koo

*Conducted in Cantonese
*The running time of the reading is approximately 100 minutes